Affordable Childcare in Calamvale

Our values and beliefs

The education of children is an immense responsibility that we share with parents. We believe our role as educators is essential, as we are shaping and moulding the children for the future!

Our vision for children’s learning is…

  • For children to experience belonging in all aspects of their lives and the world around them.
  • For children to have a strong sense of being within their world.  To feel secure to explore, create, engage and challenge themselves.
  • For children to become confident, secure, skilled, happy and healthy individuals with a strong sense of self and identity.
  • We believe in partnerships – developing a support network between educators, the child and their families.
  • We believe in high expectations and equity – educators promote a high standard of care and education, respect and equality for all children, supporting all children’s unique learning capacity.
  • We believe in respect for diversity – promoting and respecting diversity, challenging bias and gaining a strong understanding of families’ cultures and values for their children.
  • We believe in ongoing learning and reflective practice – by implementing the practise of continuing improvement planning, educators recognise and engage in reflective evaluation within their roles as educators.


The basis of our programming system incorporates staff interacting with individual and small groups of children. We believe that children learn best when their physical needs are met and they feel safe and secure. All children have special needs; some require more support than others. We endeavour to provide for these children.

To find out more about our child care centre in Calamvale, call our friendly team today on 07 3711 5155 !

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